New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. - Lao Tzu
Supporting Each Other
"AMF changed my challenging grieving process into an empowering experience. I know that without the experience of AMF and the people I have met through AMF I would not be who I am today and for that, I am forever thankful to this amazing organization."
Mary Barber, Boston University

Actively Moving Forward,
a HealGrief Program


Join us as we continue to Actively Move Forward! In as little as eight years, over 3000 students on over 200 campuses have supported one another. Help us to empower the thousands more grieving alone. 


In Their Own Words

"Dealing with the grief of losing my mom has been very difficult and sometimes I do feel truly alone; however, AMF has gave me a community where I feel comfortable talking about my grief and a way for me to help others going through similar losses."…Read More

"My mom was a selfless person. She gave up so much to help others." - Connor Zulkosky, University of Minnesota Duluth

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"I am always reminded of how similar I am to my mother from physical likeness to behavior habits that I do naturally that she did too. I love having those sorts of connections with her even though she isn't here anymore." - Alex Philipson, Sout…Read More

"My dad was a passionate and hardworking man. He enjoyed the little things in life whether that was a game of golf or coaching Saturday morning basketball. His dedication to his family and work were evident in his compassionate way of living." - Mar…Read More

"He raised me to be an honest, loyal, humble individual, which were all qualities that he embodied and impressed upon me and my brother. Even though he is gone, he has continued to shape my life, and has made me into the man I am today. I hope to be…Read More

"I joined AMF so I could connect with others who had also experienced a loss and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself.  It felt good to talk with people who listened and offered their support.  AMF continues to be a w…Read More

"It is so comforting to know that I have other people here who understand exactly how I feel at times. With AMF, I don’t have to monitor what I say so as not to spark questions that I don’t want to answer. Everyone is open and it’s…Read More

"Coping with her death has been incredibly hard, but joining Students of AMF gave me the opportunity to give and receive support from students who understand."- Nicole Marie Kenning, University of Georgia

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"What I remember most about him was how hard he wanted me to think and appreciate my education. He was my gentle giant and I will forever miss the days where I would run as soon as I heard the slow creak of the front door opening and a loud voice ca…Read More

"I have not been involved with AMF for very long, but the support that I have received has been incredible. I am just starting to get an organization on my campus and the support from the other campus leaders is amazing." - Elizabeth Davis, The Coll…Read More

"AMF has given me a community of peers who “get it,” and that, in turn, has given me the ability to keep Actively Moving Forward."- Rebecca Moses, Harvard University

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"AMF gave me a safe environment to express myself and blessed me with a sense of community with other students." - Katie Smith, College of Charleston

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