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The goal of National Young Adult Awareness Day is to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of those coping with the illness or death of a loved one and to spread the word about Actively Moving Forward (AMF) and our Awareness Day partners!

We ask that you join us in this national movement by becoming an Awareness Advocate.  Help us to raise awareness about young adult grief so we can continue to support and empower our members and our mission. We also ask that you share this awareness information with other people who may like to get involved and support our Awareness Day mission!

Please check out our 2016 National Young Adult Grief Awareness Day Toolkit to help you know how to participate in activities leading up to and on the day of April 20th!

Also download these fun and helpful infographics: Awareness Day Logo, Awareness Day Infographic #1, Awareness Day Infographic #2, Grief Journey, and Me+AMF

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Our Awareness Day Partners:

We are proud and honored to have the following National Young Adult Grief Awareness Day Partners. Please check out the amazing work they all do to help grieving individuals know they are not alone: 

The Moyer Foundation

Too Damn Young

What's Your Grief


Camp Lloyd

The Kitchen Widow



We here at Actively Moving Forward (AMF) want to take a minute to thank you for helping us

- create awareness - foster change - and spread the love -

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