“It’s time to just move on” is a common piece of advice given to someone who is on the grief journey.  We here at AMF, a HealGrief program don’t believe that someone just “moves on” or “gets over” their grief - It’s a journey that is completely unique within itself. Since we understand that no grief journey looks the same, we have added different approaches to help you on your journey, in hopes that you find something supportive and empowering that fits your needs.

Check out the following resources available for grieving college students, friends of grieving college students, and anyone else interested in learning more about college student grief support. Or you can visit HealGrief for a more tools and resources that will guide one's journey with grief into a healthy grief recovery. 

Always remember to check back - these resources are updated frequently!

2016 National Young Adult Grief Awareness Day

Helpful Tips for Grieving College Students

Grief & Stress: Tips for Breaking the Cycle

College Grief Statistics

AMF Group on HelloGrief.org Forum

Actively Moving Forward with Grief Webinar Series

Sanctri: Memorial Facebook App

“We Get It” Supportive Blog: grieving college students sharing their stories and experiences with other grieving college students

Helping a Grieving Friend who is in college

Action Steps for Faculty and Staff to make a difference on campus

2014 Webinar Series: Connecting to Grief, Connecting through Grief

National Conference on College Student Grief

National College Student Grief Awareness Day

ELLE UK Article: How to Face Your Greatest Fear

Helpful Organizations & Sites

Articles & Research