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National Students of AMF is launching our 2014 Webinar Series:

Connecting to Grief Connecting Through Grief

This FREE webinar series is for students, professionals and those interested in expanding their knowledge while furthering the support and empowerment of grieving individuals. Join us for an hour-long presentation on a specific topic pertaining to the unique issues of grieving college students and college/university campuses, with a question and answer session at the conclusion of each session.

June 11th @ 2pm EST: 

Grief 101: Mind, Body, & Soul

Learn more about the unique issues that individuals face on their grief journey. Whether you are grieving or supporting those who are, it can be difficult to see the holistic picture. This webinar will break down the effects of grief on the body, mind and soul with some easily applicable practices for emerging adults.

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To view Dr. Meredith Naidorf’s Grief 101 powerpoint.

To view helpful handouts:

 Grief 101 Webinar – Mantra

Grief 101 Webinar Sun Salutation

July 16th @ 2pm EST:

How to make your campus “Grief Informed”

College is a time for fun, learning and growing into the person you want to become, right? What happens if you are grieving? 1 out of 3 college students is grieving the illness or death of a loved one, and it turns out that the collegiate atmosphere can be a difficult place for emerging adults to grieve. Let’s be proactive and learn how to properly support and empower these students so they can Actively Move Forward in their journey, while being able to participate in the college experience.

Click to view: How to Make Your Campus Grief-Informed Powerpoint


August 13th @ 2pm EST: 

The 4 F’s of Grief: The Importance of Food, Fitness & Fun

Emerging adulthood can be a time of independence, self-discovery, and growth. Grief journeys can shuffle things up and an individual can get lost in a mix of emotions and varied priorities. Whether you are grieving yourself or supporting those who are grieving, this is a wonderful webinar about re-focusing our attentions on 4 main areas of our grief journey.

Click to view: The 4F’s of Grief Powerpoint

To view helpful handouts:

Food & Grief

4Fs of Grief Worksheet


September 10th @ 2pm EST: 

Death on Campus: What to do in the wake of a Tragedy

Sadly, there seems to be so much tragedy on campuses these days. Colleges and Universities are left trying to pick up pieces of a broken puzzle. In the wake of tragedy, there are so many things to think about: students, faculty/staff, policies and procedures, etc. Come here from some amazing individuals on National Students of AMF’s Board of Mental Health Professionals on what to do after a student and/or faculty death and how to make sure everyone has the support they need.

To register please email Kiri Thompson at: kiri@studentsofamf.org

To register for a webinar, please contact Kiri Thompson at kiri@studentsofamf.org