It is part of our “technological culture” to share our lives through social media these days. It’s all great to share fun, wonderful, exciting and silly things with all of our friends to see who comments and “likes” what we post. But what if we want to tell our social media friends about a great loss we have just experienced, post a picture of our deceased loved one or write a memorial status? It can be awkward for people to “like” it or know what to say as a comment. Now there is a great way to memorialize your loved one(s) through a Facebook app called Sanctri!


“Sanctri is the leading online memorial Facebook app that lets you honor loved ones, friends, coworkers, fellow alumni, celebrities and world leaders who have passed away. Users can share videos, photos, songs and memories that help tell the stories and celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost. They can make donations in memory to more than 8,000 charities with just a click. Using familiar social media tools, people around the globe are now remembering together, creating an online living legacy for future generations to share and cherish.”

Check it out: Log into Facebook and search for Sanctri 

We are excited to announce that National Students of AMF and Sanctri have joined in a partnership to create a National Students of AMF community within the Sanctri Facebook ap! If you would like to join the National Students of AMF Community, please search for our community page and join us to help memorialize the amazing lives of our loved ones and help support each other in all of our grief journeys.

Wondering how you can create your own page?

Here’s a Step by Step How To Guide from Sanctri