The 2014 National College Student Grief Awareness Day

will take place nationwide on April 23rd, 2014.

How does it work?

This Awareness day is organized in the following way: dozens of individuals around the country volunteer to be “Awareness Advocates” (we need YOU to serve as an advocate!) and are sent instructions for raising awareness for April 23rd. Each Awareness Advocate will be responsible for doing as many tasks as they can (i.e. emailing 5 friends about AMF, writing a handwritten letter to a friend who lost a loved one, etc.) and asking each of his or her friends to also do tasks for the day.

Please email if you’d like to be an “Awareness Advocate”and be placed on the e-mail list for updates about the 2014 awareness day!

Why raise awareness about college student grief?

With one-third to one-half of all college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one, Dr. Robert Neimeyer has called college student bereavement a “silent epidemic” that can have profound negative effects academically, socially, and developmentally. It’s our vision that every college student feels supported in times of grief, so we created a national day to make noise about this issue!

The goal of National College Student Awareness Day is to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of coping with the illness or death of a loved one during college and to spread the word about National Students of AMF.

Whether you are grieving, know someone who is, or just want to help spread the word about grief in the college population, you can be part of National College Student Grief Awareness Day, which will take place on April 23rd, 2014.

Here are some simple ways to help grieving college students:

  • Donate to National Students of AMF so we can continue to support and empower grieving college students – send the donation link to at least 5 friends or family members who would also donate:

  • Email to become an Awareness Advocate!

  • Invite your Facebook friends to be an Awareness Advocate (Facebook event page)

What does it mean to be an Awareness Advocate?

During National College Student Grief Awareness Week, you will:

  • Educate others on the prevalence of college student grief

  • Share your own personal experiences or make an effort to listen to someone else’s

  • Show your support for those who are grieving; express your feelings of grief

  • Honor those whose loss you feel every day, those who are still with you, and those who make your day brighter

  • Connect with someone who is grieving or someone who can support you in your time of grief

  • Serve others

  • Thank everyone for their support

For our full Awareness Advocate toolkit, click on of the links below:

Please contact Kiri Thompson at with questions or comments!