Have you ever heard someone say, “I lost my ______________. “ and you sit there and think, what should I say? Sometimes nothing you think of sounds right. Here’s a great document to help you through how to talk to your grieving friend or family member. We have created some helpful documents for friends and family members, but here are some helpful tips throughout our website:

  • Remember that not everyone grieves the same. Make sure that they are able to grieve in whatever way is best for them. If you would like to give some helpful options, you can let them know about Actively Moving Forward (AMF) as well as other helpful Resources.
  • Sometimes hearing other griever’s stories can be words of hope in a difficult time. We have wonderful students who were brave enough to share their stories with all of you.
  • Our co-founder David Fajgenbaum wrote a book with Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib and many of our AMF students to help young adults know that they are not alone. We Get It: Voices of Grieving College Students and Young Adults.
  • If you would like more information, please check out our Helpful Sites and Articles and Research.

Helpful Documents:

"After my sister passed away the summer before my senior year, I had a lot of difficulty coming back to school and feeling comfortable in the college environment where people either didn’t know about my sister’s death or didn’t know how to talk to me about her death."
Carolyn, class of 2010, University of Pennsylvania

"I lost my mom to cancer at age 18, in my last semester of high school. Despite the relatively sudden loss, I was able to finish my year successfully and enjoyably because of the support from my friends and teachers. However, when I came to college, I lost that support base and found it hard to relate to other freshmen. I often felt the need to share about my loss, but I hesitated because I didn’t want to be judged or simply make a conversation awkward. As a result, it was hard to build new friendships and, at the same time, I had to care for my brother and dad, who were struggling on their own at home."
Stacey, class of 2013, University of Georgia

From here, you can access facts, information on conferences and other gatherings as well as helpful links and resources. Still need more info? Contact us and we’ll help!