Greg Allen Breister was the most caring, hardworking, loving, Christian man I have ever known. He is the kind of father every child hopes to have. During childhood, many tend to take those around them for granted, and I was no exception. I did not fully appreciate the amazing, humble father I had. Though it was for just a short period, I thank God every day for blessing me, and many others, with such a remarkable role model. He touched so many lives during his time on this earth, always bringing a smile to their faces and putting their needs before his own. Looking back now, I see a lot of him in myself. He raised me to be an honest, loyal, humble individual, which were all qualities that he embodied and impressed upon me and my brother. Even though he is gone, he has continued to shape my life, and has made me into the man I am today. I hope to be half the husband, father, sibling, and friend that he was to those he so deeply loved. I wait, patiently, until I can one day be reunited with him. I love you, Dad!

From the first day I read one individual's post on AMF's support blog to starting a chapter on my campus, AMF has had a huge impact on my life. Providing young individuals with a resource to deal with their grief in a supportive, understanding environment is a priceless gift. The AMF family is the very kind of organization I have been searching for these past three years, and I am so thankful to have found them. I look forward to working with AMF in helping bring a loving, empathetic support system to as many grieving college students as we possibly can.

Adam Breister – Wisconsin Lutheran College