I may not speak much about my father, but truth is I revel in every moment I get to talk about him. AMF is my way of never forgetting about the weekend trips to the Bronx to buy sugar cane (a great Caribbean bamboo fruit), dinners at Sizzlers or spontaneous phone calls. I adored those phone calls. He would call me almost every other day, asking me how I was doing, how was school and asking for my opinion on everything. What I remember most about him was how hard he wanted me to think and appreciate my education. He was my gentle giant and I will forever miss the days where I would run as soon as I heard the slow creak of the front door opening and a loud voice calling my name.

What's great about leading an AMF chapter is hearing all the beautiful and touching stories about my AMF members and the loved ones that they've lost. We sit, we pour out our hearts and then we uplift each other by silently agreeing that "yes, I have lost a loved one too, but you are not alone."

Avion Cummings – Boston University