“You remind me of your father”: that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received. Dad was hard-working, perseverant, and energetic...the epitome of a self-made man. He used to bring files to my softball games in order to extend the working day, but he never missed an at bat or a play I made. Family always came first. Without hesitation he would interrupt an important business meeting to take a call from one of his daughters. He instilled in us the importance of community, leading by example with his generosity and commitment to others. He cared deeply and was fiercely loyal; there was nothing he wouldn't do for his loved ones. He had this way of smiling that made everything seem better, and his sense of humor could make anyone smile. He lived life to the fullest, and his spirit will forever live on through those that knew him.

AMF has given me a community of peers who “get it,” and that, in turn, has given me the ability to keep Actively Moving Forward.

Rebecca Moses – Harvard University